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Stand out in your industry

Introducing our exclusive Video Headshots service for personal and professional branding. Our 3-5 second looped video clips provide a dynamic alternative to traditional still headshots, capturing your best moments to help you stand out.

Vanity Pictures offers on-location or studio shoots, with experienced creators ensuring tailored, high-quality video headshots.

Enhance your personal branding and online presence with our premium video headshots. 

Showcase your talent in a new way



Find a package that works best for you.
Prices exclude GST.


$799 or $17 per week x 52
  • One hour on location shoot
  • One Video headshot
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$2999 or $66 per week x 52
  • Four hour on location shoot
  • Five Video Headshots


$3999 Or $88 Per Week X 52​
  • Six hour on location shoot
  • 10 Video headshots

What are the benefits
of video headshots?

In summary, video headshots offer a variety of advantages, including conveying personality and energy, standing out in a crowded online space, enhancing creative branding, and boosting social media engagement. They allow for a unique and captivating presentation of your brand, setting you apart from competitors who primarily use still headshots.



Integrating video headshots into your website is a task that your website designer should be familiar with. If you have any specific questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. However, we do not provide integration services, as each website is uniquely built and this falls outside our area of expertise.


We recommend wearing solid colours, and avoid busy patterns or logos. It’s best to wear clothing that you feel comfortable and confident in. We can provide guidance and advice on what to wear for your headshot.

We do not provide hair and makeup services.

Your final images will be delivered to you electronically via a digital download link. You will receive high-resolution versions of your video headshot(s) that are suitable for use on the web.

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